Hi, Young, Let's have fun!

        Bridal industry is designed as keeping more tradition, less changes, accomodated to more family likes. But we want to be different. Because brides are young, and young girls like to be different. And this world is becoming more and more diversified and personalized. So, brides, let's have fun and enjoy the wedding!


        Founded with this phisolophy, Jiangyin Fun Young Trading Co., Ltd are focused on these:

-Finding young and attractive designer brands from all over the world and bring them into China market. We have found so many and store owners here can't wait to have their brides try them on as they're so pretty, so different and of course, affordable too. Stores can see samples anytime in our showroom and order trunk shows or borrow samples for events to promote the brands. And brand owners don't need to invest in travelling, shipping of samples as our team is travelling all the time to stores all the time. And many brands begin to design exclusive collection for China market after receiving feedback and grow quickly in China. 

-Buiding up our high end designing team with experienced and dynamic designers from all over the world, we're offering designs to international brands and they're obsessed by our young and exquisite designs and include them into their new collections and this can reduce so much their sample developing cost and take fresh blood from us. Once bought by any brand, these designs will not be shown to any one else.

-Launching our own collections to international market

-Manufacturing for all the partners for China market or international market. Make quality control, packing and shipping to any customers in any country. Saving shipping, quickly delivery, no minimum quantity, professional QC, effcient team with all high end experienced designing, production and administration, supported by the most complete and efficient supply chain in the world. All high end laces, fabrics both in polyester and silk, accesories available at any time.

-Finally, all the partners can share opinions, resources and experiences, network here and everybody will find fun!

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